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About Us


VERTEQUIP was established in 2011 by professionals in the field of works at heights with many years of experience. The need for innovative systems that could allow a worker to be faster and more productive was the beginning of the conception of S.T.E.P. – System for Traversing and Elevating People -, a monorail system that allows abseiling professionals moving horizontal and vertically by the motorised equipment. This patented system, developed by VERTEQUIP, brought a new solution to works at heights, offering access to modern buildings’ façade and maintenance in a more productive and safer way.

In 2014, with three years of activity, VERTEQUIP was working in various projects in different continents, providing safe and comfortable solutions to many customers.

As a result of its international operations and market demand, VERTEQUIP started R&D activities for the mining and clean energy sectors where it quickly deployed pilot projects in wind turbines and mine shafts. These efforts culminated in innovative and technologically advanced products for these sectors, such as the S.T.E.P. UP and the S.T.E.P. SHAFT.

VERTEQUIP’s first mining project was the installation of the S.T.E.P. DEEP, in Angola during 2014. The equipment was customized to the need of the project and served to help the mining teams to excavate four 100m shafts for water abduction in a dam.


Due to its innovation capacity and talented human resources, in 2015 VERTEQUIP attracted energy investment funds that have leveraged the company's potential and brought significant knowledge of the energy markets. In 2017 the first Energy sector pilots were installed with very positive results, originating the S.T.E.P. UP product series.

Today, VERTEQUIP operates in 3 sectors: Construction, Energy and Mining.

For the Construction sector, VERTEQUIP provides several alternatives for façade access of buildings, namely VERTEQUIP’s S.T.E.P. Climber, a monorail system allowing operators to move horizontal and vertically by its motorised equipment, BMU (Building Maintenance Units), Davits systems, life-lines or simple anchor points for rope access methods. The portfolio of equipment allows solutions for any type of building.

In the Energy sector, VERTEQUIP’s started with the S.T.E.P. UP equipment, a platform that runs in the interior ladders of Wind Turbines allowing people to be lifted to the top. The system provides an alternative to elevators, in a lighter, cheaper and safer way.

To the Mining sector VERTEQUIP develops customised platforms for shaft access, in order to allow works in the shafts with transport of people and materials. In 2019 the S.T.E.P. SHAFT 500 was developed, a platform that reaches 500m of depth with wireless communications, video and audio calls, stabilisation systems and of course, redundant safety systems.


VERTEQUIP’s R&D has a major impact regarding the company’s core products. Designing and building modern equipment that allows difficult activities to be executed more easily, takes us to one of VERTEQUIP’s main values: Innovation. Safety is another value that underpins all VERTEQUIP’s products, where the comfort of the users and their correct use of the materials is essential.

With the world in permanent change, VERTEQUIP keeps designing its products, reinventing and carefully improving them on every project.

With an internationally focused team, VERTEQUIP aims to serve its customers with the most advanced and adequate solution to each challenge, ensuring the satisfaction of all parts, designers, owners and operators.

Looking ahead, VERTEQUIP will continue its path of innovation, offering consistently innovative products to our customers. Our R&D efforts will keep focused on the client needs, safety and comfort. As an ambitious top-notch engineering company, our suppliers, partners, and customers can rely on us as a solid, trustworthy and innovative equipment manufacturer.

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How we work

Simple processes that reduce costs and time of works in heights.

With more then 10 years of experience in vertical works we understand the sector and challenge ourselves to improve its technology everyday.

Technologies that improve the comfort of the workers.

Works at Heights require trained professional that understand the risks and safety procedures, and use technologies to facilitates that.

Expanding the possibilities of Works at Heights with other activities.

Our motorised systems, such as BMUs, Monorails or Davits, allow lifting people as well as loads, enlarging the possibilites of their usage.

Ppersons are in the center of every product we develop.

Safety and simplicity of use are the core values of our product development, assuring that anyone enjoys using our systems.