S.T.E.P. Academy

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STEP Academy

The S.T.E.P. ACADEMY is a course that trains professionals to use and operate STEP properly.

Safety on works at heights is the highest priority where any mistake can compromise lives.
The course instructs workers, included handicapped persons, on how to work safely and efficiently in any kind of work situation at heights.

S.T.E.P. ACADEMY is a practical course to teach, prepare and certify persons (including handicapped) and companies using S.T.E.P. Systems, in order to allow them to execute works at heights in total safety and using best-in-class techniques and processes.

S.T.E.P. has different models that can be used in a large range of tasks, including stage and theatre rigging, window cleaning, wind turbine, blade cleaning, construction and maintenance.

Medical requirements: no limitations

Entry requirements: Minimum age 18