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Firemen Department Madrid installs S.T.E.P.

Firemen Department Madrid installs S.T.E.P.

04 Jul, 2014

Vertequip installed last week the first system in a firemen corporation. The Spanish firemen training center located in Navacerrada Madrid is one of the major center for firemen training in Spain and counts with more than 40 daily operatives.


The system was installed inside the facilities at 20 meters of height in the gymnasium room. It will allow the firemen to train for different rescue situations such as mine pits, cliffs, hills and helicopter rescues.

Additionally, locating the system indoors allows independency from the weather conditions that many times restricts the training activities. The installation was accompanied by a small S.T.E.P. academy course for 7 people.


At Vertequip, we are proud to help the firemen corporation of Spain to improving their training center and being more prepared for any situation that may happen.


“ Monday 19 started the training and the STEP System has been a great support to the course with magnificent results for the students. Finally I would like to thank to the team of Vertequip for their professionalism and determination in the work.

El lunes 19 comenzó el curso y el sistema Step funciona correctamente, siendo un gran apoyo al curso con magníficos resultados para los alumnos. Por ultimo quiero dar mi agradecimiento al equipo de Vertequip por su gran profesionalidad y por las ganas puestas en su trabajo.”

Alfredo Fernandez


“From my side, to thank and recognize publicly the work of Alfredo Fernández and the team of Vertequip that worked 2 following days over more than 12 hours at 14 meters from the ground.

Por mi parte, agradecer y reconocer públicamente el trabajo de Alfredo Fernández y el equipo de montadores de Vertequip, que llegaron a trabajar dos días seguidos durante más de 12 horas a 14 metros del suelo.”

Luis Quiles


The S.T.E.P. system is the safest system in the world to perform rescue operations in Mines, pits or anywhere where suspended works are needed.