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S.T.E.P. installed in ZON OPTIMUS building in Porto, Portugal

S.T.E.P. installed in ZON OPTIMUS building in Porto, Portugal

09 Apr, 2014

Technical data:

Perimeter: 100m

Height: 45m

Curves: 2 curves of 90 degrees

S.T.E.P. Model: No Limits

Electrical supply: Three-phase

Building Surface: Glass and Alucobond



ZON OPTIMUS, the biggest telecommunications and entertainment group in Portugal, has installed STEP in one of its OPTIMUS buildings, based in Porto. The investment allowed a reduction of 50% of its cleaning costs while adding a simple way to access any point of the facade within a few seconds.


Substituting rope access by S.T.E.P. the cleaning is now done in half of the time and with less workers, therefore enabling the cost reduction. Additionally, the cleaning can now be done by normal workers (with proper training) instead of specialized workers for works at heights.


Facing one of the busiest avenues that feed the city, the building is widely visible when arriving from the airport or leaving the city. The building faces one of the most aggressive coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, located only 2km away, which can easily be seen from the top of the building. This provides an excellent test to the system and its capacity to hold hard conditions, including corrosion or degradation of its components.


After 3 months in one of the hardest winters in Portugal, with ocean rises and several storms, the system shows no signs of changes or degradation. With T6 treatment in all its aluminium parts, stainless steal bolts and nickel plated chain on its elevation hoist its components held perfectly.