19 Aug, 2016

The Kilamba building is one of the highest and emblematic buildings in the Marginal of Luanda, Angola.
Completed in 2016, its architecture with glass facades and a slender configuration with over 100 meters of height, requires careful maintenance and regular cleaning. The STEP solution, light and simple, allows for use with scaffolding baskets or motorised abseiling for simpler jobs.

The STEP 4TWO system installed is a motorised system that runs in a monorail surrounding the building and allowing access to all the facades a simple and secure way.

06 Oct, 2014

100m deep, 3 persons, 3,5meters of translation and maximum safety. This is the challenge Vertequip faced when designed STEP DEEP4THREE.

Installed in Laúca, Angola, to help digging the water abductions of what will be one of the biggest dams in Africa when finished in 2018, the two systems installed will allow to bring the workers down to the mine pits safely. As the hole is open using explosives, the system must retract to clear from the projection chimney pulling back 3,5meters.

27 Oct, 2013

"S.T.E.P." was presented at the biggest event oriented to the Construction sector, Public Works, Planning, Architecture and Building Materials in Angola - Projeckta 2013.


Located in FIL - Luanda, the 11th edition of Projekta from 24-27th October 2013, which motto was "Projecting the Future, Building the present", had 380 exhibitors in an area of ​​15,000 m². Vertequip attended with our distributor NBK who represents "S.T.E.P." in Angola.


At the gala ceremony, Projekta distinguished "S.T.E.P." at the BEST PRODUCT INNOVATION.

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