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100m deep, 3 persons, 3,5meters of translation and maximum safety. This is the challenge Vertequip faced when designed STEP DEEP4THREE.

The backup system allows the worker to detach himself from the system and descend slowly (0.9 m/sec) to the ground.
The eject safe allows a...

Mark da Costa, IRATA Instructor and safety consultant analyses S.T.E.P. and explains how it functions and how it is installed.

This is a real footage of a paraplegic person using S.T.E.P at 30metres of height and executing works at heights.

For the first time in...

Manoel Junior presenting STEP at the TEDX Aveiro.

Demo videos of STEP for different sectors and applications.

This video compares the productivity of STEP and rope access in a 12 floors building.