• S.T.E.P - System for Translation and Elevation of People

    STEP is a patented technology that allows the worker to reach any part of the structure with a simple harness and a remote control.


    S.T.E.P. is the safest way to work at heights. Complying with CE, OSHA and ANSI Standards our equipments are designed for safety, comfort and productivity.

  • Cheaper, Faster and Safer

    40% faster than rope access, STEP is the most practical and flexible way to work at heights.


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The System of Translation & Elevation of People is the new way to perform works at heights in a safer, more productive and faster way.

A unique System is the simple and practical way it allows workers, including handicapped and amputees to perform works at heights more safely and efficiently. The system uses only one harness, moving workers both horizontally and vertically, while controlling everything through a remote control. S.T.E.P is adequate for any type of structure, whether it is a building, bridge, silo, wind tower or even an oil rig.